The Process

If you’re interested in obtaining medical cannabis in the state of Maryland, Holistic Medicine can help make it as easy and painless as possible. At their various locations throughout the state, Holistic Medicine’s trained and caring providers are devoted to their patients and providing all the information they need to legally secure their own access to medical cannabis. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the process for getting access to medical cannabis in Maryland.

What steps are involved in obtaining a medical marijuana card?

In order to be eligible to get medical cannabis in the state of Maryland, you must first complete the legal process required by law. Make sure to read through these steps before you schedule an appointment at Holistic Medicine, LLC, to ensure you’re completely prepared before your consultation.

Step 1: Register online with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC)

The first step is to register as a patient with the MMCC. If you’re at least 18 years old and have a valid email account, you can submit an application on the MMCC registry website which can be found here

MMCC must review and approve your application before you proceed to the next step. There’s no fee to apply, and your registration is valid for two years once approved.

If you’re a minor under the age of 18, at least one caregiver must be assigned to your account at all times. To serve as a caregiver, you must be a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21.

You need the following documents and information to register with the MMCC:

  • Proof of Maryland address and an electronic copy of your valid US government-issued photo ID
  • Electronic copy of a clear photo of your head and shoulders taken within the last six months (see below for more details)
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

If you’re not a Maryland resident, but are currently in Maryland to receive medical treatment, you’re also eligible to register as a patient with the MMCC. During registration, you must provide the address and a contact name for the Maryland medical center where you’re receiving treatment.

Step 2: Get your medical records together

Call your primary care physician to request copies of your medical records. You must bring these records with you to your first appointment at Holistic Medicine, LLC.

Step 3: Obtain written certification from a registered provider

Once you’ve completed the first two steps, you can schedule an appointment at Holistic Medicine, LLC. One of our providers will take a history, examine you, look thru your medical records and discuss your options with you.

Bring the medical records you acquired in step 2 to your appointment. Ur provider will review your records and evaluate your condition during a consultation. If you’re a qualified patient, we will provide you with a medical marijuana recommendation that’s valid for up to one year.

What are the photo requirements to register with MMCC?

Generally, your medical cannabis ID photo should look like your driver’s license or passport photo. Specifically, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Clear, color photo of your head and shoulders, directly facing the camera with nothing obscuring your face
  • Image file (.jpg, .png, or .gif) no larger than 3 MB
  • Size 2×2 inches square, 600 x 600 pixels to 1,200 x 1,200 pixels
  • Scanned at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch
  • Taken in the last six months
  • Plain white or off-white background
  • Neutral facial expression with both eyes open

What steps do I take after my appointment?

Once you get your written recommendation from Holistic Medicine, LLC, you can visit a licensed Maryland dispensary to purchase your medical cannabis. You need to bring your recommendation as well as a valid US government-issued photo ID.

You also have the option to purchase an MMCC ID card for $50. This isn’t required to purchase medical marijuana or visit a dispensary, but may offer additional convenience.

Safe, legal access to medical marijuana is simple with help from Holistic Medicine, LLC. If you’re ready to book your consultation, call or schedule online today.



Anorexia is a potentially life-threatening condition that can be difficult to overcome, but research suggests medical marijuana may help balance neurological deficiencies common among eating disorders.


Chronic or severe nausea can create discomfort that interferes with your ability to work or complete your daily routine.


Glaucoma is an eye condition that affects over 3 million Americans and currently has no cure, but medical marijuana may provide gentle relief from glaucoma symptoms.


Patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can feel the stress of imminent danger at any time, but medical marijuana may provide healing relief.

Medical Cannabis

If you’re looking for an alternative treatment for PTSD, chronic pain, anorexia, or other eating disorders, medical marijuana may be right for you.


Seizure disorders are debilitating conditions that affect about 1 in every 26 Americans at some point in their lives, but medical marijuana can help.

Muscle Spasms

Almost everyone experiences some degree of muscle spasms in their lifetime, but for patients who suffer from frequent bouts of these painful cramps, medical marijuana may provide relief.

Severe Pain

Severe pain can place limits on your entire life, but prescription painkillers are extremely addictive and potentially toxic.


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