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Lowest price around for full year. The Best Value in Maryland!


$179.99 for your visit

$149.99 for veterans, military, and first responders. (must show proof of service)

This price includes telephonic and electronic follow-up for one full year!

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Register with Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

Gather identification materials and medical records that show your condition. Then register below.



Book a Consultation with a Holistic Medicine Provider

Once your application is approved, call our office and schedule a consultation with our team.

Get a Physician's Recommendation

You will obtain a valid, written certification to purchase medical cannabis from a registered dispensary. 

Register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commision
Any Maryland resident whose physician recommends medical cannabis is eligible.  Any non-Maryland residents currently in Maryland to receive medical treatment are also eligible.

Speaker Presentations for Groups, Seminars or Workshops Available

Have a group, organization, Provider or staff that is interested in learning about the latest Medical Cannabis treatment therapies available, or how Medical Cannabis therapy can make a difference in the lives of patients, family, and friends? 

The world of Medical Cannabis is always evolving and changing.  Dr. Elfenbein can speak to your group's main area of interest with the latest news, legal status, industry information or any topic you desire.  Dr. Elfenbein is an industry leader, accomplished physician and an award winning speaker who is sought out on many fronts to share his expertise. 

Contact Dr. Ron Elfenbein to discuss scheduling him for a presentation to your group or staff today!

THC vs. CBD:
When You Should Reach
For Each

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Home and Concierge Services Available

Holistic Medicine, LLC

Holistic Medical Services located in Gambrills, MD

About Our Practice

Patients looking for a medical marijuana recommendation in and around Gambrills, Maryland can find the support they need at Holistic Medicine, LLC. Our caring and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing safe and professional environment for those who seek alternative treatment to a variety of conditions.

Whether you suffer from PTSD, seizures, or debilitating side effects of chemotherapy, the compassionate staff at Holistic Medicine, LLC, graciously advises you on whether medical marijuana may improve your individual condition.

During an initial consultation, Holistic Medicine, LLC evaluates your condition and answers any questions you may have about using medical marijuana. If we determine you’re a good candidate for medical marijuana, we will provide you with a recommendation that allows you to safely and legally obtain cannabis for medical purposes.

With the constantly shifting social climate surrounding cannabis use and the medical benefits of this plant, the staff at Holistic Medicine, LLC seeks to ensure secure patient access to this medicine while upholding the highest standard of medical care.

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Prince Georges county

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Southern Maryland

Holistic Medicine, LLC
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Gambrills, MD 21054
Phone: 410-205-1865
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